Terri Daniel’s work has been praised by theologians, physicians, grief counselors and the bereaved as providing revolutionary insights into death and dying. Her unique form of "radical mysticism" explores cultural and religious myths about birth, death and the afterlife, and offers a path to alternative perceptions via the use of intuitive tools such as meditation and after-death communication.

In Western culture, our fear of death is so all-encompassing that most of us neither live nor die peacefully because of it. The idea of death as a traumatic and terrifying experience to be avoid at all costs, is instilled in most children by everything from religious doctrine to video games. Even the so-called ‘positive’ images of death -- sitting next to Jesus on a throne or floating on a cloud playing a harp for eternity -- keep us from a meaningful understanding of the sacred transition from physical to non-physical existence. These images do nothing to explain or justify our purpose on earth, and they offer a stagnant, rather pointless afterlife.

The way we perceive death is a choice

What experts are saying about Embracing Death

A life lived in fear of death is not a life lived well at all. Embracing Death: A New Look at Grief, Gratitude, and God is an uplifting look at death, encouraging readers to live their life not as if the clock is ticking down, but to face grief head on as a new beginning. Designed to help readers shake their woes of life, Embracing Death is a choice and inspirational read that shouldn't be missed.

Midwest Book Review

"Terri Daniel's new book represents a clear step forward in terms of our understanding of life and death.

Dr. Allan Botkin, clinical psychologist, 
author of "Induced After Death Communication: 
A New Therapy for Healing Grief and Trauma"

If you only read a few books this year, make sure this is one of them, especially if you're dealing with loss and grief. Terri's revolutionary insights into the process of death and dying provide enormous comfort to the bereaved.

Glenda Pearson, Grief Recovery Specialist

Terri's first book was a great introduction to her as a spiritual teacher. But the new book is meat and potatoes! I would put it right next to James Redfield and Carolyn Myss. I've taken every word and thoroughly digested it. I've had fears of death in the past and I feel so empowered by the true understanding of death that she's compacted in this book.

Sue Coxen, Wellness Consultant

We have a history in the West of avoiding talking about death, but Terri Daniel brings it out in the open. She takes a critical look at the cultural and religious myths that most people take for granted as "truth," and shows us that death is not the terrifying experience it's been made out to be. Instead of judgment, punishment and eternal damnation or sitting around in the clouds playing our harps for eternity, we can learn to see death as a beautiful transitional experience that opens us to the Light of Unconditional Love and a new dimension of existence where we continue to learn on our eternal spiritual journeys. As a near-death/afterlife experiencer, I know she speaks the truth.

Diane Goble, author of 
Beginner's Guide to Conscious Dying 

Embracing Death is an important book that provides not only deeper levels of understanding, practice and wisdom, it is a wonderful guide to maneuvering through life’s challenges with grace and balance. Terri Daniel shines a very bright light on a path to living a life of meaning and purpose.” 

Arielle Ford, author, The Soulmate Secret

It has been said that sometimes life can only really begin with the knowledge of death, and if that is true, as I believe it is, then my friend Terri Daniel has written an inspiring and luminous book for you to read, Embracing Death, that will help you shine the light on your fear of death so that you can more calmly walk through your life trusting that the end is merely another brilliant beginning.

Kelsey Collins, author,
Exit Strategy: Leaving this Life with Grace and Gratitude 

I have often been in a church, for occasions like weddings and funerals, and wondered if it was just me who didn’t quite 'get it.' Thankfully, after all these years, along comes Terri’s book, and suddenly I start to feel 'normal' again. The whole religion trip makes more sense after reading a couple of Terri’s paragraphs than it did in the previous 55 years of self-conditioning.

Chris Seaton, London, UK

Terri Daniel addresses a difficult subject with profound analysis and insight. This is a must-read for anybody curious about life, death and afterlife. We need to draw on the wisdom contained in this book, in fact, it should be required reading in many circles.

K Paul Stoller, MD, FACHM Santa Fe, NM 

​"By understanding that death is neither an enemy nor an ending, and that there is no judgment anywhere in the universe, we can release our fear-based notions of punishment rather than correction, judgment rather than support, and an eternity of idleness rather than a limitless opportunity for growth." 

Rev. Terri Daniel